Thursday, August 15, 2013

The White Queen
by Philippa Gregory

Elizabeth Woodhall may be queen, but she is not safe. The Cousins War has never really ended, and even though her husband, King Edward IV, is the anointed king of England, Elizabeth knows from experience that the sons of York are ambitious and loyal only to their own interest. Elizabeth's love for Edward, her desire to see the best for her children, and her mother's diligent use of magic has made Elizabeth the greatest lady at the most magnificent court in Europe. But those who rise far have the farthest to fall. Elizabeth must protect the interests of her family using every means available to her if she is to ensure the legacy of the house of York. Only time will tell if she can remain at the pinnacle of the wheel of fortune.

This was my second time reading Philippa Gregory within a two week period. I picked up her book The Lady of the Rivers from the bargain table at my local bookstore on a whim, and quite enjoyed it. When I looked up Lady, I saw it was actually book three in the Cousins' War series, which is currently at six books long. So, I got my hands on number one, The White Queen.

I like this book for the same reasons I love The Mists of Avalon. It's a story about a woman surviving in a man's world. It's a look at a period in history where women have little to no voice. Gregory doesn't condescend to write about these women; she enjoys showing the power they wielded, even if it was from behind a veil.

If you're a fan of historical fiction or period pieces, this book is for you. It's well researched and bewitching. And more importantly, if covers a historical period that's fraught with intrigue and relatively few historical records, providing plenty of opportunity for Gregory to employ her imagination.

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Genre: historical fiction
Format: hardcopy
Copy Source: personal library

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