Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strange Flesh by Michael Olson

Heartache and a passion for hacking have comprised James Pryce's post-college years. Unsurprisingly, when he's offered the chance to work for his lost love, Blythe Randall, James quickly takes the job. She and her brother, Blake, need his cyber-spy services to track down their wily half-brother, Billy, who's sworn to destroy Blake, and has the cash to back up his threats. James's investigation launches him from a lifestyle of casual sex with strangers into a virtual reality of deviant sexual behaviour. But his involvement in this online world of depravity and his cover as a video journalist start to bleed into his real life when he becomes involved in a project to develop virtual reality sex toys. By the time he realizes the truth, it may be too late for him to escape his carnal new reality.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Limit of Vision by Linda Nagata

In the not-too-near future, nanotechnologist Virgil Copeland and his team are on the frontier of AI development. They've created a near-microscopic new species called LOVs, because "they exist at the limit of human vision." LOVs form a symbiotic link with their human host's brain. Because of this link and the potential power LOVs have over their hosts, they have been deemed unsafe and banished to a ship orbiting earth. But Virgil's team have rescued some LOVs from their exile, and using themselves as hosts, study the effects. The book opens as Virgil's team's misconduct is detected after a team member dies inexplicably. Her connection to the LOVs is blamed, and Virgil ends up on the run. Meanwhile, the LOVs in orbit, fearing for their survival, separate themselves from the rest of the ship and fall to earth, landing off the Vietnamese coast. Ela Suvanatat, a freelance journalist, dives to investigate the crash site, not knowing the political and martial whirlwind her actions will unleash.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Promise by Monica Hughes

Rania is looking forward to her tenth birthday. As the princess she receives many wonderful gifts, and one puzzling one: she is sent a box of sand from Roshan. Her parents explain that she has been claimed by Sandwriter, and must go to the desert of Roshan to be her apprentice. Unwillingly, she leaves her country and her family behind, and begins her new life with Sandwriter. She learns to understand the desert and her connection with it, but as years pass, Rania becomes lonely. But life as Sandwriter will always be lonely; if Rania can't learn to cope, will she be able to become the next Sandwriter?

Monday, March 05, 2012

Against All Things Ending
by Stephen R. Donaldson

Against All Things Ending opens as Linden Avery realizes that she's doomed the Land. At the close of the previous book, Fatal Revenant, she brings Thomas Covenant back to life and thereby awakens the Worm of World's End. Linden and her companions (giants, Ramen, a Stonedownor, Haruchai, and a madman) are forced to accept the aid of an Insequent named the Harrow, who takes them deep beneath Mount Thunder to save Linden's son Jeremiah, and thereby perhaps stop the Worm.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Suggested book for March 2012

 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams

Genre: science fiction

Satire, space adventure, and randomness abound in this spry tale. Arthur Dent narrowly avoids extinction along with the rest of the human race when he's whisked off-planet by his friend Ford, who coincidentally is an alien. After narrowly escaping the bureaucratic Vogons, Arthur runs into the only other remaining human in the galaxy: Trisha McMillan, who never called him after they met at a costume party. Did I mention they're on the galaxy's most amazing spaceship, which moves in an incredibly improbable way? Enjoy your space travels, friends. Just remember to bring your towel.

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